I just had to write in response to trying your Touch of Honey skin conditioner at the Worcester, MA. Sewing expo a few days ago. As a lifelong sufferer of excessively dry skin on my hands, I am amazed and thrilled at how well your product works.

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I don't usually write to companies regarding products, but have to now as this cream has been like a miracle for me. I am a 41 yr old art teacher/artist, and owner of dogs, birds, and a cat - lots and lots of hand washing, as well as direct skin exposure to many materials. My hands are always extremely dry and cracked, even with frequent application of hand cream (and I think I have tried EVERYTHING at this point in my life!) Even straight vaseline wouldn't solve the dryness. ONE APPLICATION of your product returned my skin to a healthy condition. I cannot believe it. The redness diminished, my skin seemed normally hydrated for the first time in many years. At the expo, I tried the cream in the morning and went back at the end of the day and purchased a good supply of it, and have used it daily with great results. I cannot thank you enough, and am so pleased to find a product that actually does what is stated in the advertisement. I will be passing your company and product info along to my Dr. (who has always berated me to do something about my hands, but had no real suggestions!). If you are ever looking for sales reps in the Boston area, count me in. I love this product and would be interested in helping promote it to people who need the same relief that I did.

Please accept my sincere THANK YOU for making this product -- my hands feel human again! A R

I am writing to you about your skin cream. It has done wonders for my grandson... he went thru a difficult labour with his mommy and when he came to stay with me afterwards his baby acne was so bad it covered not only his sweet little face but all over his head as well.

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We started using it on him after the doctor said it could take a few weeks to 2 months to clear up ....well 6 days after using the Thentix cream on him morning and night his baby acne has cleared up accept for a few spots on one cheek....and I am sure in a day or 2 that will be gone as well.

Our whole family has been using it now for sometime ...purchasing it whenever we see it so we don't run out...but the last purchase was different we bought it at Masonville mall and they told us it was now without fragrance because I have noticed a difference with it... we find it works even better these days .. not quite sure what you have done but keep doing it .... we have it with us everywhere we go... Your faithful London customers Grandma and baby Jordan M.

As a sufferer of eczema all my life, I was pleased to have been introduced to your product : Thentix skin conditioner. A friend brought me back a jar from Canada and I was amazed at the great improvement in my skin.

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However, the jar I had has finished and my skin is very bad again. I live in Northern Ireland and so it has been very difficult to purchase some more. I have tried to order some on the website but they only deliver to Canada and the USA. Please could you email me to inform me whether or not I could get a delivery to Northern Ireland.

Many Thanks and with hope! Cathryn

My name is Marsha Weir from Fergus, Ontario. I am an insurance broker and am at the computer most of the day. I developed a cyst on the middle finger of my right hand between the top and middle joints.

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This was to the point where the cyst was forcing my top knuckle out of joint. On June 26, 2007, I had surgery to remove the cyst. The incision was zigzag and had 8 stitches. Once the bandaging and stitches were removed I started using Thentix on the incision, once or twice daily. My last physiotherapy was August 10, 2007 and the therapist was amazed at how well the healing process was advancing. They had recommended vitamin E cream but when I showed her what I had been using, she said to keep on going. I showed you my incision on November 2, 2007 at the Royal Agricultural Fair and you could not reasonably see the scar without getting up close and actually running your finger across it. Visible evidence of the scar is virtually gone and only interior scar tissue remains. That too is diminishing. Thentix has been absolutely marvellous in the healing process. Thentix is a product I can highly recommend.

Regards, Marsha

I first bought your cream on 3/25/06 for my husband's psoriasis. Within a matter of a few days, there was a great improvement to his face. Now all the red is gone from his face. HIS elbows, knees and patches of dry flaky skin on his legs are improving. Over the years have spent a fortune on prescription drugs and nothing worked... I have also used it for a red spot on my nose and a small spot on my leg. They cleared up quickly.

This is a wonderful product. Thank you Sue

I just wanted to write and tell you how amazed I am with your product. I have had psoriasis for about 15 years now, and I have tried many different prescription creams to try and deal with it. For the most part none of them helped. I tried your product on a recommendation, and at first I thought it was not helping, but continued to use it anyway because it relieved many symptoms better than other creams. After about 2-3 months of continuous use I really started to notice some dramatic results.

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The scaling on my skin has greatly decreased, and the redness is starting to go away. Patches that were literally a square foot in size have started to return to normal skin and are clearing up rapidly.

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. I have tried many things that "claim" to help or clear psoriasis, but none of them have worked. It is nice to see that someone can actually make the claim and have it be the truth. I have documented my use of this product with photos of my before and after results. I will continue to use Thentix, and I have already recommended it to many people. Thank you so much! Bruce

Thentix is a miracle cream that has helped our Daughter with a severe rash she's had since we adopted her back in June and she is 15mo. old (China) and nothing has worked, NOT even a prescription from her Dr.

Deb :)

We really like "Thentix- A touch of honey"

Recently my husband had been given a treatment by his doctor for a suspicious spot on his face - the ointment was to destroy any cancerous cells - well, it totally burned his face - he looked and felt horrible – We were at his sister's in Chatham and they had "Thentix - A touch of honey" He used it and healed it up very quickly, unlike the cream the doctor gave to heal up the damage he had originally caused. Since then I order six at a time as several family members wanted some - I also gave some to another woman who called 2 weeks ago and wanted 6 more. We have found it to work so well on many things! Thank you Linda J.